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I loved this interview, so I figured I’d share with you guys~ Please credit me if you post my translation elsewhere.


AYUMI HAMASAKI - Numero Tokyo (2014-10)

Her first appearance in Numéro Tokyo since she tied the knot. What kind of life is…

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Please check this Ayu Youtube channel out!!

I have been very inactive lately because of school and other things so I did not exactly keep track of Ayu’s new releases, but I’ll still try to update whenever I can!

Anyway, there is a Youtube channel named Ayumi Songs. It’s pretty recent, but I remember the person had an account from years ago named Sophia D or so, but seems like it was deleted ((probably because copyright reasons and the usual etc.)) She used to post lots of Ayu subtitled videos.

That person is super kind, she’s subtitling all of Ayu’s album previews, from A song for xx and is at Love Songs right now. The subtitles are in English, Portuguese, Spanish, romaji and kanji. So far there are all the studio albums up until Love Songs, A Best 2 Black and White and A collection - all singles-

I’d say that if you want to show your friends Ayu then this is a great opportunity…before they get taken off lol. The videos are around 9 mins long each. It’s amazing listening to the preview while understanding the lyrics.

Here’s Love Songs preview, please check out her channel also! I can’t link directly to her channel because I’m on mobile so yeah.


I can’t wait to finally show my friends Party Queen like honestly I can’t.

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Springtime means being thrilled.
It’s a season where new beginnings make sense.
I, too, am taking steps again.”


Ayumi Hamasaki - Numero Tokyo October 2014 scans.

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