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Geo online has added to its catalog the single [Terminal] for September 19th and still NO official announcement …




Spent hours watching Ayumi Hamasaki’s videos on YT with my sister.

I used to be her biggest fan back when I was 8-11 years old.

We had her CDs and DVDs, and I would watch her DVDs all the time, it was so fun… I had this box of her 2000-2004 tours and I liked the 3rd the most and would watch it all the time, so my brother’s friend once asked my brother if I didn’t get tired of always watching the same thing, lol

I loved her songs and especially her fashion! Ayu’s shows seemed so fun and I liked how she would present all of her back-up dancers, band in the end…


(I own the DVD she’s wearing this)

examples of Ayumi Hamasaki being flawless: Inspire, 2004


As announced a few months ago, this year the nation will be held in Taiwan and Singapore, and good news! Ayumi will be at the concert in Singapore on October 18th at Mastercard Theatres (Marina Bay Sand) with m-flo, Sonar pocket and Wagakki band!


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examples of Ayumi Hamasaki being flawless: Don’t Look Back, 2010